Thursday, November 15, 2012

Not Your Father's X-Wing Fighter

20th Century movie meets 21st Century child. Still fun and engaging, after all these years

When I was a child I loved Star Wars and loved Lego, but the two only mixed when my Han Solo action figure was accidentally put away in haste in my Lego parts bin. Fast forward a few decades and my children are developing their own passion for Star Wars (even though they have yet to see any of the movies) and are already full blow Lego addicts (though Nieve, at 2.5 years old, is still in the 'Duplo' phase).

The Lego designers for the X-Wing Fighter did a fantastic job. It's a technical and complicated build (for a 4 year old) but the results are impressive.

What's different is the enterprising folks at Lego and Lucas Film (now Disney) have decided to team up to sell more merchandise. Lego has been busy building custom parts and paint schemes to make their modular kits look strikingly similar to the machines in the films. And Lego must be employing a crack design team - I was surprised at how clever the layout and assembly was for this kit.

A happy boy with his X-Wing Fighter. Darth Vader's TIE-Fighter is next!

The only drawback to these accurate Lego models is that kids don't want to disassemble their creations and build something from their own imagination. Ronan constructed this X-Wing Fighter in September and it's still in pristine condition. Hopefully soon he'll take it apart and build something else that is current at the top of his obsession list - like a stunt plane. Oh, and Lego has yet to solve their biggest drawback - the pain they inflict when stepped upon by bare feet.


CalBadger said...

Ya gotta love free enterprise! Erik: You NEVER built x-wing-fighters like Ronan's! Of course, the problem was quantity limitations--not quality imagination!

Holly Teetzel said...

Impressive - Go Ronan! Perhaps that stunt plane guy Chambliss started by building Lego planes as a kid. I can see Ronan as a stunt plane pilot. And I love the video of Chambliss in his plane. GoPro makes the best ads!

CalBadger said...

Truly awesome photos...of course it helps to have such photogenic children!