Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Loving Big Brother

Strategic or Sweet? Either way, works for me.

Ronan seems to be a 'just in the nick of time' kind of guy, which should not be surprising given his genetic makeup. Whether he's aware of it or not, Ronan has been behaving quite well lately - my sense is he's back-loading his good behavior in the run-up to Christmas, hoping it will win him extra points with Santa and translate into more loot.

Recently Nieve has been struggling with separation anxiety during drop-offs at school (tears, hysterical crying, etc). Ronan, it seems, is her comforter-in-chief; when he hears her crying he heads over to her classroom to console her. If things are particularly bad, he'll invite her back to his classroom when he has his (also loving) classmates will sew Nieve a dress to make her feel better (I'm not kidding about the sewing part - the kids have rolls of fabric, various types of thread/glue, patterns for clothes, mannequins for fitting, shears and a sewing machine to use).

And it's not just his sister that Ronan dotes on - he's thoughtful to both Mom and me. He knows it's hard for us to leave him or Nieve when they are sad or scared, and this morning's drop off with Nieve was a bit rough. So Ronan asked his teacher to take the photo above to reassure me that Nieve is OK, and that he's making sure she's happy at school.

Yes, I was very touched. And my sense is that Santa will look upon this type of behavior quite fondly, especially given all the free shipping deals available at the moment.


Holly Teetzel said...

Whether strategic or sweet the end result is a plus for Nieve - she has a pretty special big brother! Load up that sleigh, Santa :-)

Holly Teetzel said...

PS - Can I use that Sewing Room? It sounds better equipped than mine ;-)