Friday, March 15, 2013

Flowers for a Girl

Nieve admired the pink fringe on the blossom

Nieve loves all things pretty, and flowers are no exception. This evening we took advantage of the warming weather and stunning sunset to enjoy dinner in the backyard.

A warm dusk and soft grass makes for a happy girl

Nieve loved sitting on the soft grass and decided that bringing a potted flowering plant would make it even better. She studied each blossom as she quietly quietly talked to herself; she seemed entirely engrossed with the little plant. She looked so charming, sitting barefoot with her precious plant - fortunately Ronan and I had enough time to grab a camera and take some pictures.

Nieve seemed at perfect ease with her little plant

Nieve proceeded to carry the plant around wherever she went; to the dinner, to the sandbox, to her treehouse, and back inside after the sun set. I'm looking forward to many more summer evenings where Nieve can repeat her acts of flower fondness.


Holly Teetzel said...

What sweet pictures - and a sweet little girl. I'm so glad she can appreciate a flowering plant.

allison Teetzel-Butler said...

Love the pix... it's about time you put more up!!! Love the flowers!