Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gymnastics, Perhaps?

A fine balance

Unlike Ronan, Nieve chooses her efforts carefully. She does not buzz about with manic energy nor will she run for running's sake - only the act of dancing will get Nieve exert herself to exhaustion.

A notable display of hand strength, coordination, and determination

But a couple of weeks ago we saw Nieve engage her gross motor skills with gusto. She was attending a birthday party at a nearby kids gym and was working hard to master several of the apparatuses set up for the children.

Thoughtful Ronan, "Holding it (the beam) steady" for Nieve

First Nieve concentrated on the balance beam, going backwards and forwards, making sure she could comfortably turn around without falling off.

"Hand, hand, foot, foot"

Next she crawled up and down slanted parallel bars, showing patience, strength and balance. She wore a determined look as she purposefully moved her hands and feet forwards or backwards, depending upon the desired direction.

Enjoying a little bit of group play

Oh yes, we are terribly proud of her

Nieve also had fun with group games, running in circles with a ball, chasing her brother, and reacting to instructions. She also enjoyed pulling funny faces when sitting next to her friends.

Hanging like (with) the big girls

What seemed to call to Nieve most, however, were the uneven parallel bars. She was serious and determined; she worked to get her feet up onto the lower bar to mimick her friend's older sister.

A little hand position improvisation. It didn't work, but it was fun to see her try different approaches

Once Nieve had the backs of her knees over the lower bar, she tried to improve her position and struggled to pull herself up. Mom and I were impressed that she had the hand and arm strength to spend several minutes hanging and pulling through a series of forceful attempts.

Just hanging upside down. For some, that's enough.

Mom and I are always looking for ways to foster Nieve's love for physical activity - the time at the gym has given us hope that perhaps there is some form of exercise that Nieve will grow to love.


Holly Teetzel said...

Way to go Nieve! Those gymnastic moves aren't as easy as they may look. Probably her love of dancing helped out here. And of course any activity that allows for a dress (even over other clothing) is bound to appeal :-) Cute pix, Dad.

CalBadger said...

Nice...it does remind me of someone else when he (or she) was about Nieve's age. Well, maybe not the gymnastics moves (boy, do I which I could do those!), but the one pix that had the two little ones rebelliously hamming for the camera! Of course Erik, I wouldn't mention any names!