Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mermaid Hair, Part II

Nieve was a bit skeptical getting into the bath...

Nieve loves bathtime and she loves her long hair. It's also a favorite of hers to do 'Mermaid Hair' whenever she gets a chance during bathtime.

...but a smile came when she realized it was mermaid hair time

Nieve will take her time in the warm water, gently moving her hands to create small currents. She seems to savor the luxury of a bath, so much so that we're convinced she will take to spas and pampering when she gets older.

Nieve will quietly sing to herself while laying in the water

Nieve also likes to feel the water lapping in her ears and against her face, but she does not like having her eyes, mouth or nose submerged. It's fun to watch her play with her voice and sounds, observing how having her ears in the water changes what she can hear. She also likes to slowly move her head and feel her hair swaying like sea grass in shallow water.

She also tests the feeling of moving hair

Nieve's previous 'mermaid hair' post inspired friends Isabella and Julia, two young women with thick, long hair, to do their own mermaid photos. This in turn has Nieve wanting even longer, fuller hair so she can become a 'real mermaid' too. Given how much Nieve's hair has grown in the past year, I'd say she's well on her way!

A pixie smile from our little 'real mermaid' to be!

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Holly Teetzel said...

Such beautiful hair - I'm so glad she enjoys it. Start saving for future spa treatments :-)