Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Gentle Soul

Ronan found a tiny chick tossing about in the grass...

Ronan is all boy and he has plenty of scars to prove it. Yet he's also the most gentle soul in our family, never (intentionally) hurting anyone. His gentleness and complete lack of guile extends beyond humans; a few weeks ago I killed a fly in our home and spent 30 minutes trying to justify my actions under Ronan's persistent interrogation.

...and checked to see what was wrong with it.

A week ago we were enjoying dusk in the backyard when Ronan noticed the frenzied chirping and fluttering of tiny finches. Ronan went over to investigate and found a baby finch unable to fly, haphazardly flitting about on the ground, it's worried parents hovering close by.

He was amazingly tender with the baby bird, and stayed with it until we had it safe in a small bird house

Concerned by the baby finch's incapacitated state, Ronan protected the tiny little bird. He took a small, wooden bird house we hung in a hawthorne tree and put the injured chick in it. He then placed the tiny bird and bird house back in the tree, hoping it was high enough that cats and raccoons would not be able to reach it. The next morning the baby finch was gone - we all hope it recovered enough to return to it's nest.

Ronan found an Arboreal Salamander in our yard

And then yesterday when I was moving some wood Ronan found a delicate salamander that had hidden in the moist earth. Gently but confidently Ronan reached down, pickup up the little purple amphibian, and carried him away from the newly exposed earth.

Ronan held the salamander in his calm, steady hands

I was surprised at how still, deliberate and patient Ronan was with the creature. He clearly understood the vulnerability of the salamander and he spoke to it in a soothing but mature voice. After closely examining the salamander, Ronan found it new home in a dark, slightly moist location that would go undisturbed.

Eventually the salamander climbed up Ronan's arm to get a better look!

I cherish watching Ronan's tenderness and I'm delighted that his kindness extends to animals. He's a puzzle, for sure - in the future he'll likely divide his time between extreme sports like motorcross racing and caring for the less fortunate that would benefit from his help.

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Holly Teetzel said...

Such a sweet post; and such a sweet boy. The finch and salamander thank him for his kindness :-)