Monday, May 20, 2013

A Superhero Birthday Party

Apparently SuperRonan rolls on a trike

Every year Mom throws a birthday party for each of the kids' classrooms; this year she asked Ronan what he wanted at his party. He responded, "capes and masks for my friends so we can all be superheros."

Nieve embraced superherodom with flair - she ditched her pants and pulled up her socks, "Just like Wonder Woman"

So Mom did exactly that. She made simple-but-perfect capes from cloth and self-adhesive velcro, available in either light or dark blue. She even cut varying lengths of capes to ensure proper fit for both short and tall children.

So super were their strength that the students flipped over the boat (and then gathered on top of it)

Mom also purchased a stack of paper masks, markers, and self-adhesive jewels for the kids to personalize their superhero identity. Ronan's classmates are a creative bunch so it did not take them long to be decked out in their ensembles.

Little SuperNieve riding with purpose

To top it off, Mom had also downloaded a bunch of superhero theme songs (Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Batman, etc) and I chuckled at both students and teachers singing along to the catchy jingles.

Ronan showing off his Spidey-like climbing skills

Understandably the party was a hit. Ronan and his friends had a blast running around the school's yards, taking turns being superheros and super villains. They even broke out the tricycles and raced after each other, urgently solving problems.

Trick riding was at an all time high, with children emboldened by their superpowers

The superhero fun, apparently, did not stop with the end of the party. When dropping off Ronan at school the next day I noticed one of his classmates was still wearing her mask and cape. According to her father she slept in it. I still see the kids wearing their capes (and the smiles that go with them) from time to time; it's a happy reminder of a very fun afternoon. Thanks Mom!

Even superheros enjoy a rest in the shade...


Holly Teetzel said...

Kudos to Rachel - what a great idea and fabulous costumes. Looks like they were a huge hit with all the kids. I had to laugh at Nieve's take on Wonder Woman - underpants and tall socks. Love it!

Erik said...

I too cracked up at Nieve's outfit - we're going to keep those embarrassing photos to show at her wedding. :-)

Holly Teetzel said...

Or her High School Year Book!

Erik said...

I will be sure to tell her it was your idea.