Friday, May 31, 2013

Delightful Donovan

Donovan enjoying the sounds and the sand on a Malibu beach

Part 2 of our trip down the coast was visiting Auntie Melissa, Uncle Todd, and the newest member of the family, 5-month-old Donovnan. He's ridiculously cute, exceptionally good mannered, and for lack of a better adjetive, big. Grandpa is already lobbying to have Donovan play as a lineman for University of Wisconsin.

Todd does a commendable job of digitizing Donovan's daily doings

Donovan also has that wonderfully sweet baby smell, especially on the nape of his neck. He's cuddly, inquisitive, and quite patient. He also is self-assured; if something happens that he doesn't like he's not afraid to vocalize his concerns. Nieve called it his, "pterodactyl squawk."

A gentle Ronan loving up his little cousin

Ronan playing 'where's the ball?' with D

Ronan loved holding Donovan; he agreed that little D smelled good and was, "aw, cute!" It was fun to see Ronan try to win Donovan's attention with finger wiggling or brightly color balls.

Happy Mom holding a nonplussed Donovan... he was growing bored with all the photo taking

Of course Mom, baby-ogler-in-chief, loved little D. I was impressed that she allowed the rest of us some time holding him; usually when she gets her hands on a baby there is no getting it back. Mom, thanks for sharing!

Nieve wanted to give Donovan a shoulder ride... he seemed to think that was a fun idea

Nieve being nurturing, happy when holding a cooing Donovan...

...but when Donovan started to squawk, Nieve clammed up

Nieve too enjoyed Donovan, always talking to him in her "soothing" baby voice. If Donovan was in good sprits, Nieve liked to hold him. But when he started to fuss Nieve's reaction was, "Uh oh. I think I broke him. You can have him back now."

A happy father and son. I foresee many fun, loving years together, as Donovan's personality seems to be the proverbial chip off the ol' block

It was a great trip and all of us appreciated Uncle T, Auntie M, and Little D's hospitality. Ronan and Nieve were genuinely excited to have a younger cousin and they seem as eager as we are to watch little D grow!


Todd Teetzel said...

Love it! Thanks so much E for making the trip down. We had a wonderful time. We look forward to many more beach adventures in the future!

Holly Teetzel said...

What great photos - it looks like Donovan was a hit with everyone (even Nieve when he was cooing). She hit is spot on with the Pterodactyl Squawk - perfect description. Now if D is truly his father's son, that squawk will morph into the high pitched shriek that you know only too well, Erik :-) Lucky Todd - well, what goes around comes around, as they say!

Todd said...
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melissa said...

such beautiful pics! we loved seeing you all...thanks so much for coming down!