Sunday, May 12, 2013

Photo Shoot for Mother's Day

Nieve and Ronan wanted to make a card for Mother's Day; when I asked them what we should put on it, they agreed that a photo of themselves would be best.

The kids being themselves - I liked how this captured their personalities - and the kids chose this as the photo to give Mom on her card

Classic cheesy posed shot

Ronan and Nieve having fun - one of my favorite of the set

At work we have a small photo studio (a couple of flashes/umbrellas/remote triggers) so one morning before daycare the three of us spent a forty-five minutes trying to make a picture that we thought Mom would enjoy as a card.

Testing out the modeling attitude... the kids cracked up after posing like this

I was surprised at the patience and self-control both Ronan and Nieve showed during our time in the studio. They also posed a few times without being prompted/cajoled; though it was clear than being a model, to them, was a very boring job.

My silly kids playing in front of the camera... we had fun taking the photos

After a few minutes of cooperation the kids reverted back to their default state - silly and rambunctious. Of course that also made for some fun shots - some of the outtakes are below.

Yes, these are the kids that live in my house

Nieve and her trademark eye roll... this is her look of incredulity. Yes, we see it often.

This was about the end of the photo shoot... the kids were done, and made it clear that they were

I wish we had a few more minutes to spend in the studio (and another set of parenting hands - I was nervous Ronan and Nieve would start to 'inspect' the delicate, expensive equipment) so that we could try different approaches to lighting, posing, and composition. Thankfully we got a picture we all agreed would work for Mom, and we left the studio is the same condition we found it in (nothing broken, everything back in it's appropriate place).

The goofy monsters say, "Grrr... Happy Mother's Day!"

So from Nieve, Ronan and me: A very Happy Mother's Day to all Moms! Be sure to enjoy your child's smile, you've earned it.


Rachel Teetzel said...

I am the happiest and luckiest mom ever! Thank you!!!!!

CalBadger said...

Of course, it always helps to have your own photo studio at work...well done-very professional really does help to have great looking subjects that aren't afraid to express their true feelings. Great's fun to see how everybody evolves over the years!

Holly Teetzel said...

What wonderful photos - all of them. It's hard to choose a favorite, since they're all winners. What fun that must have been to do the shooting in a real photo studio. Google really does have it all (except for the modeling rights for R & N!)

Erik said...

Yes, CalBadger, quite convenient for a photo studio. Really though all these photos were simply an umbrella connected to a strobe with the kids sitting in front of a white wall. I find it's harder to find good subjects than good gear. :-)