Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A New Class for Nieve

Yea! Finished another year!

Last week marked the end of Nieve's year spent as a 'Tiger Beetle'. Although her transition to the 'Harvest Mouse' classroom should be less of a change than Ronan moving onto kindergarten she still decided to mark the last day by dressing up in her own unique way.

Nieve knows how to accessorize... she picked out the purple scarf and blue strap from her costume bin at home

I'm a little unclear on exactly how she came into possession of the purple hat, but apparently the Tiger Beetle teachers thought Nieve would be the be the most appreciative of the sparkling purple material and rainbow tiara.

It was not difficult to convince Nieve to pose for a photo. I wish she was always this accommodating.

Clearly the teachers know Nieve. As soon as she had the hat on her head, Nieve ran off to get a white 'princess dress' from a classroom next door. It was all a part of a masterly planned ensemble. She asked for 'boots' but sadly her daycare did not have any that would compliment her unmistakable outfit.

Celebrations mean dancing

Once properly bedecked in haute couture, Nieve spent her last few hours as a Tiger Beetle prancing, dancing, and telling all of her friends that she was the 'princess cowgirl'. I was told Nieve's outfit, attitude, and actions were the source of no small amount of mirth and merry mayhem.

All that dancing works up a thirst

It was a fitting end to a brilliant year. Nieve loved her time in Tiger Beetle and we can only hope this carries forward into Harvest Mouse. A very big thank you to Nieve's teaching staff and classmates for providing a fun, stimulating environment that embraces the children's individuality. Nieve loved it!

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Holly Teetzel said...

She looks about as happy as any girl can get. Rock 'em, Nieve :-)