Thursday, August 15, 2013

...And Opening Another

Ronan's obligatory first day of school photo. This is how he smiles now.

This morning marked Ronan's entrance to the wonderful world of elementary school. He was fortunate to get into a language immersion program; for the next nine months only Spanish will be spoken by the teachers in the classroom.

Ronan wanted the trucks in the background of the shot, so I obliged

Señora Nicole greeted us with a friendly "buenos días" when we arrived before the first bell. From that point forward Ronan communicated using a combination of English and gesticulation, and it seemed to work well enough. All of the responses from his teacher were in Spanish.

A happy boy getting ready to go to elementary school

Ronan was cool as a cucumber

Ronan chose to do a puzzle (rompecabezas) for his morning activity and we helped him get settled in a spot where he could work. We gave him a quick hug and kiss goodbye and left his classroom. Yes, there were tears, emotional clingy behavior, and tantrums but none of it came from Ronan; it was Nieve who was distraught by the change (Mom and Dad were also a little glassy-eyed).

Getting ready to ride to school...

Ronan was uncharacteristically calm for such a big change (except when chasing one of his new friends around the playground); we're hopeful the transition will be smooth and he embraces his new community with open arms. He's ready and able. It's Mom and I that need to accept that our little boy is growing up far too quickly. Needless to say, we're both terribly proud of Ronan.

...and he's off!

Hearing it from Ronan this evening, his day was a blast. He likes Señora Nicole, his classmates, and the facilities. He told a story of seeing a bottom feeding fish in an aquarium at the biblioteca de la escuela, his carpet square is orange, and that the rules in the playground are far too strict and nonsensical. Here's hoping his time in kindergarten continues to be enjoyable and rewarding!


Holly Teetzel said...

A momentous day for all 4 of you (if Nieve's reaction is any indication) - So glad Ronan had a good first day, even if the playground rules are too strict (ha ha). Love his haircut, too.

CalBadger said...

Ah, I remember those days well--and fondly! I think that the first day of school is harder on the parents than the kid!

melissa said...

He looks so grown up! He looks confident and ready!