Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Closing Another Childhood Chapter...

Ronan waving a greeting during his graduation ceremony

Friday was Ronan's last day at the Wetlands, officially ending the pre-elementary school phase of his childhood. He's now officially an alum, completing four fun years of play-based collaborative learning. He started as a timid 'Snowy Plover' back in 2009 and finished a confident and capable 'Red Legged Frog' last week.

Still paying attention, but sitting still is getting hard

Red Legged Frog, Class of 2013

The graduation ceremony hosted by the preschool was fun. The children sat as a class and listened to some short highlights of their time at the Wetlands and each child was called up to receive a certificate of completion. The children's favorite memories were read during the ceremony, which entertained both parents and children. Those memories ranged from kindness and collaboration of peers to specific toys or food preferences.

Nieve was so excited for Ronan she ran to where he was sitting and gave him a big kiss

Ronan appears to be a bit demanding when it comes to his certificate of completion

The celebration after the ceremony was impressive. Over the past few months the teachers have been working with the students to make movies, all written, directed, performed and by the students. Only the filming (and editing) was out of the students control.

Nieve was clearly excited for and proud of her big brother. She said, "He's so cool."

These short films were screened for us guests in a small theatre created in the studio of their classroom. The extensive props made for the various films were on display, and the children were available to answer questions about the plot, production, or process of their films. Hats of to Ronan's teachers - the entire celebration was very well done.

The graduate, marching on to what's next

Ronan is certain to miss his friends, teachers, and the rest of the pre-school community, but thankfully he's excited to start elementary school. We're thankful he had four years to grow in this community and is a more capable Kindergartner for it. A very big thank you to all of Ronan's educators for the past four years - he'll most certainly miss you!

Rolling out of preschool


CalBadger said...

The first of many graduation ceremonies for the Palo Alto Teetzel clan. Awesome job Ronan (Mom & Dad & teachers!

Holly Teetzel said...

5 years seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye. Wow. Ronan looks so mature and confident. I love the shot of Nieve giving him a congratulatory kiss. So cute!

melissa said...

Wow, Ronan! What a stellar boy you've become. I love the shots as well, especially that first one. What a great job you've done, E&R.