Thursday, January 30, 2014

Halloween Preparations - Pumpkin Patch 2013

Ronan using the slide on the bouncy house as intended

Halloween is a fun time for Ronan and Nieve; they get to savor the joys of the pumpkin patch, dress up in fantastic costumes, and of course cajole the neighbors out highly processed sugar treats.

Nieve enters the bouncy house...

...and Ronan follows right behind her

We usually go to the coast for our pumpkin picking, but due to time constraints this year we opted for the neighborhood patch which still proves quite a bit of fun.

Starting her slide...

...and down!

Rather than the traditional hay pyramids and corn mazes, Webb Ranch patch featured a couple of bouncy houses, a petting zoo, face painting, and a small haunted house.

Ronan, following Nieve down the slide, focusing more on speed than control

Ronan crashed into Nieve at the bottom of the slide - both thought it was hilarious

The bouncy house was the clear favorite for both Ronan and Nieve. Given the way kids go bananas the moment they crawl into those inflatable arenas, I'm always amazed the floor of the house is not littered with children suffering from bloodied noses or concussions.

A happy girl on the slide...

...goes splat

Ronan was surprisingly safe (towards other children), given he was pretty much going full throttle, intentionally crashing into the inflated pillars with reckless abandon. For the hour he was going collision crazy he never once ran into another child. Statistics are on his side - the lack of bodily injury wasn't purely luck.

Soon enough Ronan had moved from sliding to jumping...

...and he worked on sticking his landings..

...but sometimes even budding acrobats have slip-ups

Nieve liked the bouncy houses as well, but was more reserved in her jumping. Her 'jumping' was more dancing; as soon as she was comfortable in the chaos, she introduced increasingly complicated hand and foot movements into her routine.

Ronan engrossed in a conversation with scary jack-o-lantern wagon rider

Nieve climbing up the wagon wheel

Scary kids

In addition to bouncing, the kids introduced themselves to the large inflatable Headless Horseman on display. I thought that Nieve would be a bit frightened of the scary pumpkin face, but instead she made friends with him. When riding on the wagon, both kids tried their best to look horrifying.

Nieve's new BFF

A little girl happy to be enjoying sweet, cool refreshments

Of course the iced lemonade was a hit, especially with Nieve. After a few hours of play and refreshments we found suitable pumpkins and headed home.

Wolverine & Hello Kitty, sponsored by Marvel Entertainment & Sanrio Co.

Ronan's jack-o-lantern of course was an superhero silouette of Wolverine; Nieve of course asked for something a bit more cutesy and asked to do Hello Kitty. Next year we'll have to try something a bit less commercial.

Glowing jack-o-lanterns


Holly Teetzel said...

Halloween in January. Love it. But, probably not nearly as much as R&N who looked like they had a blast. I, too, don't "get" the thrill of bouncy houses, but kids clearly love them (maybe you have to be under 15 to understand - ha ha) Cute pumpkins, too.

Erik said...

I've got a backlog of photos that need to make their way to this blog... dating all the way back to March of 2013. I'm playing catch-up at the moment!