Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nieve Loves Her Gymnastics

Step 1: Bring foot to bar

Nieve's friend had a birthday party at a children's gym yesterday, and it was clear that Nieve has both love and aptitude for gymnastics.

Step 2: Bring other foot to bar

I chuckled at how excited she was to show me some of her moves on the various devices. She zipped across balance beams, turned somersaults on large padded mats, and danced with colorful hoops.

Step 3: Hook legs over bar, hang until your face turns red

Her favorite aparatus, though, was the bar (the lower bar of the uneven parallel bars, that is). Nieve showed me how should could grab the bar with her hand and then bring her foot all the way up to meet her hands.

Step 4: Swing yourself out and down!

She would swing up her other foot until she was hanging upside down, holding on with her hands. From there Nieve tucked her legs up over the bar so she could hang without using her hands.

Once she was done with hanging upside down, Nieve would kick forward and flip over (completing the rotation). She finished her complicated move with a strong landing, a self-assured smile, and a, "Did you see that Daddy?"

Step 5: Go eat cake

Yes, I saw it Sweetheart. I'm duly impressed. Just don't kill yourself, please.


CalBadger said...

What a great thing for a birthday sure beats Chucky Cheese! Looks like it was great fun...especially the cake part of it!!!!!

Holly Teetzel said...

Nieve is a natural - and she looks like she loves it. Good for her! :-)