Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ronan's Last Day of Kindergarden

The obligatory last day of school photo. Note Ronan is wearing the same sweatshirt he had on the first day of class.

Today Ronan finished his first year of elementary school. Recalling last day of school memories from our childhoods, we had anticipated great whooping and celebration out of Ronan at breakfast. We assumed that he'd be bursting with excitement, salivating for the freedom of summer that lies ahead. Instead, Ronan was a little sad, a little worried, but mostly uncharacteristically reserved.

Every day Ronan looks a little bit older

Neither of us parents could relate to his state of mind. Looking back at his first day of Kindergarten, it seems that Ronan's demeanor for both the opening and closing of his kinder year was the opposite of what we predicted.

Finally, a ghost of a smile came out on Ronan's face

But I suppose his less than jubilant reaction makes sense, given the past nine and a half months. Ronan enjoyed a fantastic school year full of new friends, learning, and personal growth. He adored his teacher SeƱora Nicole, loved learning a second language, and gained confidence in approaching the world around him on his terms. His creative side blossomed and he has learned the importance of patience and persistence when learning new skills.

Ronan on his big boy bike. He outgrew the previous one.

And let's be honest, this was kindergarten. Great kids, fantastic teachers, lax academics, less expectations, half days, involved-but-not-too-demanding parents: In short, no real responsibilities whatsoever. How can you not love kindergarten?

Off to finish off the school year

Perhaps Ronan's wiser than we give him credit for. He should be a little sad that that this magical chapter of kindergarten has closed. Here's hoping he can continue his streak of luck and enjoy 1st grade (almost) as much!

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Holly Teetzel said...

My gosh, Ronan has already finished kindergarten? He looks sooo much older, too. Sounds like it was a wonderful year for him - may there be many more of the same :-)