Friday, July 18, 2014

Shorts from Nieve's School

(Set to the theme music from TopGun)
me: Well, if you were directly behind her, how could she appear upside down?
Nieve: Because I was inverted

Occasionally Nieve's teachers send us short emails that give a brief but treasured glimpse into the going-ons at preschool. Today we got the photo above with this text from Nieve's teacher, "I was walking by and Nieve asks, "Why are you walking on the roof?" I turn around and I see her hanging upside down, giggling. =)"


And yesterday we received a video with above with the title Nieve completes a sudoku puzzle. The kid-friendly sudoku puzzles are fun, engaging, and a brainchild of a parent of Nieve's classmate - you can order these at the Stickers Soduko site.

A big thank you to Nieve's teachers for sharing these moments!

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Holly Teetzel said...

Amazing (Sudoko) job, Nieve! Love how she carefully thinks about what to do and then goes for it. And I love the cute upside down picture. Isn't technology great? Without video and e-mail you would have missed these great moments.