Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nieve Starts Pre-K

Nieve's obligatory First-Day-of-School photo, 2014

Another week, another 'First Day'. This morning was Nieve's turn, as she and her friends have moved up into the 'Red Legged Frog' pre-kinder classroom at the Wetlands.

An inquisitive little girl...

Nieve enjoyed what she called her 'summer vacation' (the one non-holiday week of the year when the Wetlands closes for classroom changes and teacher professional development), but this morning she was happy to get back and start a new year with her friends at school.

...but also a crafty one

Nieve was excited about the new classroom and teaching staff; she's been waiting two years to be old enough to use the sewing machines in Red Legged Frog's design studio. As Nieve loves fashion, and has a fiercely strong sense of self-style, she's eager to be able turn her thoughts and designs into real garments. It will be interesting to see her portfolio of outfits at the end of the year.

Nieve wants to start designing and fabricating clothes in the Red Legged Frog classroom

Like Ronan last week, Nieve's poise, confidence, and curiosity this morning surprised and impressed both Mom and I. She carried this mindset into her new classroom, and the difference in her capabilities between this year and the last were notable.

It wasn't just Nieve - it was clear that all of her classmates are more responsible, controlled, and thoughtful, even when compared to just a month ago. The tone of the classroom has changed. With the increased maturity the teachers are able to give the children more freedom, and to converse with them on a more sophisticated level. It's a beautiful thing to see.

Nieve was happy to go back to school, and a happy Nieve is the best kind of Nieve

For example, when Nieve walked into the classroom this morning, she pointed to a small guitar sitting on a shelf and said to me, "That's Sean's ukelele". He immediately pulled it off of the shelf, turned to her, and asked, "would you like to play it?" It was a real instrument, delicate and tuned. I thought he was insane. But he showed her how to hold it, gave her a few instructions, and then went back to assisting other children. Nieve plucked the strings, listened to the notes, and inspected the wood inlay. When she was finished, she gently put the ukelele back in it's place. Sean trusted Nieve to be in control, and she responded by being careful and diligent with the instrument.

Yep. She's growing up.

That exchange of trust was touching. It was yet another reminder that our little girl is growing up, and building new skills every day. Sure, there will be moments of regression and impulsiveness, but it's clear that Mom and I have moved from managers to coaches. We are thankfully no longer directors, we are fans. So Nieve, a big cheer from Mom and I for once again leaving us incapable of finding the right words to articulate our admiration. We love you, Chickapea.

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Holly Teetzel said...

Inquisitive and crafty - good descriptions. Nieve looks like she's dressed for success, completed by her nifty hairdo. Go Nieve! And have a wonderful pre-K year.