Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ronan's First Day of First Grade

Ronan's obligatory First-Day-of-School photo, 2014

Sigh. Another year has passed. In our household, the rapidly changing children are persistent reminders of just how short 365 days really are. This morning was no exception: Ronan started his post-kinder scholastic journey, entering the 1st grade as a confident six-year-old.

Still a boy, albeit an increasingly mature one

I distinctly remember Ronan's 'first day of pre-school' in 2009, when he was only 18 months and barely able to string together comprehensible sentences.

Fast forward five short years and Ronan is well on his way to bilingualism. He decided to continue in the Spanish immersion program, despite his parent's limited ability to help him master the language.

With first grade comes the emergence of his first adult tooth

But more than acquired skills or knowledge, it's Ronan's increasing independence that Mom and I notice most. He's becoming a capable, self-sufficient person (even if he is absorbed in his own thoughts from time to time). With that independence we see the emergence of self-confidence; he's unafraid to try new things or meet new people. He's comfortable letting his curiosity lead him down unexplored paths.

Ronan, comfortable with whatever may come next

Such was the case this morning. While Mom's nerves were fraying in the get-out-the-front-door rush, Ronan remained calm and collected. He was unflappable while knowing that he was starting a new class, with new students, in a language he had barely touched in three months. He wasn't scared, he was curious. He wasn't hesitant, he was engaged. Ronan's comfort with change comes from his growing ability to manage uncertainty - and that has made all the difference.

Ronan's first grade self-portrait

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Holly Teetzel said...

Good job, parents. You're raising him well :-) Cute photos, too.