Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pumpkin Patch, 2014 Edition

We make them do it every year... a photo at the pumpkin patch

Every year in October we make a trip to a patch to find perfect Halloween pumpkins. We used to make a day of it and head over to coast where we'd get pumpkins and spend the rest of the day playing on a beach. The past couple of years, with the addition of multiple soccer games and other weekend-consuming commitments, we've kept pumpkin hunting to a local affair.

One requirement of pumpkin selection - you must be able to carry your pumpkin to the cart...

...thus Nieve's pumpkin was noticably smaller than Ronan's

The local patch, Webb Ranch, is pricey but well equipped. They have a large selection of gourds to choose from, some food vendors for the hungry, and lots of activities to keep kids entertained.

Ronan loves the pumpkin-headed horseman... he *asked* me to take a picture with it

Staged pointing always make for dynamic images. This may become a new pumpkin patch tradition.

Due to a compacted schedule, we only had a half hour to play but the kids made the most of it. Ronan did the haunted house and Nieve chose a pony ride. They also had to try the bouncy house on the way out; after a few minutes of jumping we had called it quits and whisked the kids off to soccer game #1.

A happy Nieve on a horse

A happy Nieve posing on a horse

A happy Nieve petting a horse. Yes, Nieve loves horses.

It was a successful trip - we all found satisfactory pumpkins and I was able to capture the obligatory photo of Ronan and Nieve goofing around amongst the orange squash. Hopefully next year we'll budget a bit more time and be able to venture all the way to the coast!

This is the pumpkin Ronan really wanted. Unfortunately, it did not pass the "must be able to carry" test. So instead he got this photo.


CalBadger said...

A great tradition-no matter where you find the pumpkins! Ronan looks to be at his weight limit as far as pumpkins go!

Holly Teetzel said...

Glad to hear the Great Pumpkin (tradition) is alive and well.