Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rancho Siempre Verde, 2014

The big swing! Always a blast.

On Saturday we completed our annual pilgrimage to Rancho Siempre Verde, the delightfully eclectic Christmas tree farm off Highway 1, next to Año Nuevo State Park.

Ronan, trying to get inverted

Nieve swinging while Ronan watches

Happy? Yep, happy.

Ronan's smile would not go away

The farm was as it always is - campy, inviting, and filled with mirth. We arrived early (before 10:00am) and lucky Ronan was able to help stress-test a newly hung swing. Like all the other swings at the farm, the new one elicited gleeful squeals from the kids.

Even Mom tried her hand on a swing

Nieve loving her time on the swings

What made this year even more fun for the kids was the mud. Recent heavy rains left the ground saturated, making for the perfect splish-sploshing in rubber boots.

Three generations! The future is in good hands.

It doesn't get much tastier than lunch with Grammy & Poppa

We also lucked with out with Grammy & Poppa being able to join us this year; and as it was Grammy's first time at the farm, Nieve was excited to show her around.

Yum.... smores

Safe? Hmm, maybe not. Fun? You bet.

It's always fun exploring the haystack maze

She showed her all of the special quirks of the farm; the old backhoe, the large hay-bale stack and maze, dozens of swings, the small apple orchard, the giant wooden xylophone, and of course the bonfire used to roast marshmallows.

Ronan in a backhoe vs. Mom & Grammy

Ronan kept the tractor on the path, but I will note that he failed to indicate when he made turns

A tractor-driving Ronan and his full load of passengers

Nieve was pleased with Ronan's efforts

Ronan applied his boyish charm and was successful in finagling his way into driving the tractor. He loves piloting it down the muddy paths between sections of trees; he really is in his element when 'working' on the farm.

Success! Ronan and Nieve deem this tree the best.

Nieve ensured the tree wrapper was fully operational

And of course, we were successful in finding the perfect little tree. It was not tall nor particularly bushy, and it was noticeably asymmetric, but the kids loved it and it's uniqueness charmed the whole family. The same could be said about RSV.

A happy Nieve on a swing, clearly loving her time @ RSV

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Holly Teetzel said...

What a great time! I love photo #2 and the one of the 3 generations of women. Ronan's lack of bangs is a hoot. He actually could wear his hair short since it shows his cute face. His exuberance is contagious - everyone looks very happy. I bet that swing was really fun!