Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Halloween, 2013 [Catching Up on Old Photos]

Little Vampirina Ballerina Spider Bat Girl and her assistant (and maker of the costumes) The "Poof" Bat

One of Mom's favorite holidays is Halloween. Every year she insists on spending countless hours creating fun, creative, personalized costumes for herself and the kids (and many years, me).

"Why yes, I did choose my scale colors to match my eyes"

2013 was no different - starting in April Mom was quizzing Ronan and Nieve, "What do you think you want to be for Halloween this year?" It got to the point that every time we read a new story, or saw a new movie, or play with a new toy one of the kids would remark, "I want to be [insert protagonist here] for Halloween!"

"Vampirina Ballerina", the book

At first I thought Mom was mad. Given the attention span of three and five year-olds, logic leads one to conclude that hundreds of different costume ideas would be nominated, analyzed, and the replaced by whatever new princess/hero/personified object the Disney/Pixar machine put out that week.

A Deadly Nader, done by Dreamworks

A Deadly Nader, done by Mom & Ronan

An impressive and dangerous tail

Gradually, I started to witness the benefits of Mom's method. Over a longer period of time (months) it was clear which costumes had staying power - and thus a lower probability of an eve-of-Halloween costume change of heart. During the repeated, "what do you want to be for Halloween" questioning, Ronan and Nieve would try new options, "I want to be a singing scallop!" but eventually revert to the more interesting costumes once a shinny-new-idea lost it's luster.

Big Bird and Vampirina were happy to see each other...

...while the Deadly Nader and the creepy guy from Scream just seemed bored

So that is how costumes were chosen. Nieve's favorite book for most of the year was Vampirina Ballerina
(thanks Nana!), and a vampire ballerina easily won decision attrition of the costume contest. Once decided, it took Mom and Nieve less than a week to plan out all the necessary touches to make that choice perfect.

Vampirina Ballerina and the Deadly Nader, pre trick-or-treat...

...and the two of them post tick-or-treat with a very creepy Auntie She dressed as a garden gnome (troll). Yes, Ronan had to go to the bathroom, but we made him pose for photos anyway. #parentsoftheyear

Ronan knew that he wanted something to do with, How to Train your Dragon but was undecided between a viking or a dragon. Surprisingly (and much to Mom's chagrin) he chose the dragon - specifically a 'Deadly Nader' - as his fire-breathing, flying-worm of choice.

Taking inventory of the loot collected on Halloween. It's always fun to line up your candy.

Both of the costumes turned out beautifully. Yes, Mom put in several weeks worth of work into the planning, making & applying the costumes for the kids, but in the end she believes it was worth it. Ronan and Nieve agree, and I'm sure they will be doing something equally extravagant next year!