Friday, July 18, 2014

Shorts from Nieve's School

(Set to the theme music from TopGun)
me: Well, if you were directly behind her, how could she appear upside down?
Nieve: Because I was inverted

Occasionally Nieve's teachers send us short emails that give a brief but treasured glimpse into the going-ons at preschool. Today we got the photo above with this text from Nieve's teacher, "I was walking by and Nieve asks, "Why are you walking on the roof?" I turn around and I see her hanging upside down, giggling. =)"


And yesterday we received a video with above with the title Nieve completes a sudoku puzzle. The kid-friendly sudoku puzzles are fun, engaging, and a brainchild of a parent of Nieve's classmate - you can order these at the Stickers Soduko site.

A big thank you to Nieve's teachers for sharing these moments!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ronan Loses His First Tooth

It's out!

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye! That is what Ronan said to his lower right incisor today, his first milk tooth to come out.

Ronan wondered if having a missing tooth made him more horrifying. I suppose it does, at least a little bit.

It has been loose for several weeks now, but apparently it was the apple he was eating this afternoon that was the final stroke.

He was proud to reach yet another childhood milestone... I'm not so sure that it makes me as happy

Ronan's gap looks a bit funny but at least he's having fun with it. While brushing his teeth this evening he tried spitting the rise water out of the gap. It was messy, but mostly successful.

Ronan's note to the tooth fairy